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Senin, 04 Agustus 2014

for my love

Thank you for the love you've been shed,

which drops you in my heart during this arid.

Thank you for the longing that you embed in my heart

so that the penantianku immeasurably.

Thank you for the smile you always teach

so my life more colorful,

I thank you for everything you've given.

love, I want to be with you,

love what it is you with all the advantages and shortcomings.

I want you to be the last one for me

even if you're not the first.

In stringing you in the destiny of love

God has written for us.

I want you to be the messenger of god

who taught me various things in life.

I do not want you to go, really do not want you to go.

Love, if tomorrow we are still permitted along, will you promise to always be faithful to accompany me?

To keep being you are always I miss? To keep it simple in my sight?

I'm not going to ask you more than what you can.

I just want you to love me with what you can afford,

not with treasures hilly, handsome good looks,

degree elevation sometimes neglect.

The liver is already docked in the dock of your heart,

and I want you to love the belt with a bandage tightly.

Love, stay with me, stay the breath of life.

Because I love you're always in grief or lara,

in a happy or suffering,

in tears and jokes,

in tears or smiles,

in rich or poor.

love, this is the end of this love letter.

Perhaps only a useless word

were able I give but rest assured,

behind the word - this word,

every letter that I wrote

there is a sincerity that I can not explain.

So Keep yourself.

And if you have time,

reply to this letter as an answer waiting Rinduku.

Its always love you

Yadi Suryadi

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