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Rabu, 19 November 2014

young human community


welcome to the young man community affiliate program ( imc ) this is the latest program from young human community ( imc ) . through this program , God willing allows friends earning up to millions of monthly and even weekly . without having to think about the production , accept reservations , making deliveries and others , because we are here to help and inspire one another congregation . then what to friend do ? quite spread url friend referrals or link replica good friends over the internet in statuses facebook or twitter , via bbm , whatsapp , or through a web - web ads there . when there is a purchase of reflika link ( url referrals ) friend , the center will help the team imc friend to accept reservations to make deliveries . when the product has been sent , the friend was able to check the bonus / commission from the sales in the " melting commission " . The commission may withdraw / thawed when it reaches a minimum of 50,000 , - . if it has not reached that level, will be accumulated with a bonus / commission further . nb : - commissions will be transferred within 3 working days after the request to withdraw - imc administration fee of 10 % of young man greeting gold ,  


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