"Menginspirasi anda semua"

Rabu, 26 November 2014

think a clearly

This self is just a human being , as a man I just think simple when dealing with a woman . namely , comfort . I was comfortable with him . when we talk we feel comfortable while talking , when one of us has a complex problem , then we automatically become a good listener , who listens to the story of our partner . Our core comfortable !!! Our comfortable with the current situation .

but the sense of comfort it turns out we can get it , we can feel , can we practice if we have a sense of humor is quite high . artimya mind who plays an important role in responding to every activity , every feeling that menghinggap in our heads . I just wanted to share the experience that when I decided to smile just so I 've chosen to be a smilley . when I chose to become a patient so I chose to be a very emotional for example, then we would be labeled as a bad temper . 


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