"Menginspirasi anda semua"

Sabtu, 06 September 2014

Why do you think Islam is so beautiful?

It makes sense both logically and spiritually. 

It takes everything I believed before I found Islam, everything I understood on my own, and confirms what my heart already knew. It makes sense of those things that were confusing. It gives the explanations for why, and the instructions on how to. 

And the most important, for me at least, is it keeps the focus always on the most important thing, which is Allah. Prayer, and turning to God for everything, is an important part of Islam. Islam is beautiful because I know Allah can do all things, and I know that if I am meant to be guided to the right paths and choices, all I must do is turn to Him. Regardless of what I hear about Islam from anyone, even those who practice it... Islam allows me to feel there is no wrong in turning to God alone for the answers, and feel no worry over whether or not I will be guided to them. 

But really... there are far more things that make it beautiful than can be listed.


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