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Senin, 08 September 2014

Indonesia Is a Beautiful Country

Malam Budaya Indonesia di l'Artisan, Yasmine-Hammamet17 Muharram 1434 H
sayed1989.blogspot.com (1/12/12) Indonesia is located in continent of Asia, exactly in southeast asia. Indonesia was free after netherland and japan had colonized it. The independence day on 17 August 1945 and now Indonesia is always unite in peace and diversity. Indonesia is a big maritime and islands country. Total maritime area is 3.257.483 km² and total land area is 1.922.570 km². From region sabang until region marauke, still many beautiful islands. Indonesia is very unique, why ? because Indonesia is islands country, has many islands, cultures, and the kind of languages. Very unique ? why, the second reason is Indonesia have five big Islands such us java island, sumatra island, borneo island (kalimantan), sulawesi island and papua island.
We know that Indonesia is the best place in the world for many activity such as sport, traveling, tour, culinary,  shopping and even bussiness investment. See the forest, beachs, mountains and what a amazing sea.

Do you like surving ? Yeah.. Bali island is the best place and if you want to see the beautiful sea and also you can see and lets go to Bunaken in the Sulawesi island. Everything is there in Indonesia. Indonesia give one billion the beautiful and more. About the culture and language, Indonesia has many culture and language. Indonesia is called green country, culture country, cause it has 17.508 islands, 583 languages and 1.128 ethnics/tribes. But indonesia used one language, the national language is Bahasa (Indonesian Language). The people indonesia is very polite because we always life with together, moslem, christian, budha and hindu. Total population is 241 million people. The Big Moslem Country In the World after Saudi Arabia Country. We are proud as Community  Indonesia Country with culture and diversity.

The Nation Capital of Indonesia is Jakarta City which is located in Java Island. Many people foreign came in indonesia for visited and enjoyed vocation in indonesia. They came from Europa, America, Afrika, Asia and etc. Enjoy Indonesia is motto us. Every day with Indonesia, very enjoy and always very happy


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