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Kamis, 27 November 2014

5 Tools to Help You Love Life

It is time to synthesize all of your knowledge and put it to work in all the aspects of your life. This is a time of positive change and the more you understand that fortune is on your side, the faster you will be creating your passions into the realm of the physical.

Love holds the key.  Do not lament the past as that only makes it seem bigger and larger than life. It is important to see what more life has to offer and keep your thoughts focused on what more is to come, and there is so very much more awaiting your arrival. And just when you feel you have gotten there, the wheels begin turning again and it signifies the start of a new journey.

Hold only thoughts of love in your heart. It matters not what has happened in the past, it matters only that you feel love for it and all that you have done. Forgiving yourself and others is often the path of healing. It is not about forgiving a deed, it is about knowing in your heart that you are worthy and it is okay and you are strong and beautiful and loveable.  It is about knowing that you are an important piece of the puzzle and the prize and without you, it would not be so grand. It is about knowing that each person is equally important in the scheme of life and therefore deserves to be nurtured and loved.  No one part is more important than another, they are all important to the whole. 

Wrote: Sharon Taphorn From http://www.beliefnet.com


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