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Sabtu, 06 September 2014

"The story of this love makes all moved and continued to shed tears"

On the afternoon of the day looks a grandmother repeatedly pressing a rice cooker, rice cooker but it still will not turn on. The grandmother then waddled from the kitchen to his room. In the room directly grandmother smoothed his hair had turned white and baju.Setelah replace all the buttons buttoned, the grandmother back open again. It turned out that his shirt unbuttoned buttons in the order, so sometimes the left side of the shirt which is higher than the right. Or buttons to the right beyond the second order from the left. She even had to repeat it several times until finally all the new sweat can be buttoned neatly in order. After the grandmother walked out of the living room across the kamar.Saat grandmother, granddaughter yangberumur 16 year-old was watching TV. Dressed melihatneneknya amazed and asked, 

"Grandma's going where, instead of being a grandmother was cooking in the kitchen?"

Grandma then explained that he was indeed going to cook, but entahkenapa cookernya rice will not turn on, and now grandmother is coming out briefly to buy food. With a frown, his grandson requested that the grandmother to go home because he was getting hungry. 
"Yes, grandma will quickly go home. You wait a minute yah grandma ... "
Grandmother said with a smile, not a frown that her granddaughter's face lagi.Nenek walked out of the house, waiting for a bus pass, then took a bus to the center of food sales. 
Some time after the grandmother out of the house, his grandson walked into the kitchen looking for a snack to simply block the stomach. He accidentally saw a rice cooker plug is not plugged. His grandson smiled amused attitude forgetful grandmother as the person who has dementia alone. Arriving at the center of food sales, grandma bought her granddaughter's favorite chicken rice. When finished paying and was about to go home, step grandmother suddenly stopped exactly at the exit. His head turned to the left and to the right, his eyes dilated, his face turned looked confused. All the buildings and streets in front of him looks different and foreign.

Grandma paused for a moment in silence. And finally realizes that he forgot the way to go home. Then swiftly, grandmother waved his hand as he walked up to a young man who crossed in front of him. Ask for assistance to the young man to want to take it home. 
"Son, son, please deliver grandmother's home ..." said the grandmother. 
"Sorry, Grandma. I'm in a hurry. "Reject the young man. 
Then the grandmother approached a middle-aged woman. Same with the young man, this woman can not go home because grandma will deliver pick up her children. Grandma does not stop. This time he walked swiftly toward a fathers for help.

"Sir, sir, please take me home. I'm waiting for my grandson to bring food home. He must be hungry now. "Said grandmother with face looks sad. 
"The house where Grandma, let me across." Replied the father is. 
"Um ... um ... me .., I do not remember where." The grandmother said with a stammer. 
  "But please take me home, sir. Anyway Take me home alone. "Grandma begged. The father also could not help because the grandmother was senile and did not remember where his house.

Grandmother's eyes looked glazed, tears almost fell cheeks. Grandmother keeps asking repeatedly for help to every person he met to be delivered home. There were refused and some are willing ... but anyone who wants to help it still can not deliver a grandmother. Grandmother's face looked very sad. Unconsciously grandmother tears running down his cheeks. Remembering grandson starve, waiting for him to come home with food. Grandma still continuously running while asking for help, and occasionally trying to find his way home alone. Without stopping to rest. White hair was neatly combed and tied back, now began to fall apart and not twisted. Both tangannyat continue to embrace bought chicken rice this afternoon to keep warm. The whole face and his shirt was soaked with sweat. The steps also have started to slow down because his legs were sore and exhausted. Until it grew dark, the grandmother still kept going, trying to get to the house despite of his face looks obvious that grandma is very tired ...

At the same time, home grandmother, a couple new home. They are the parents of the grandchildren grandmother. The mother saw her son who was snacking while watching TV. Then ask, 
"How did you snack, what unfinished grandma cook?" Her daughter explained, if the grandmother does not cook these days and has been since noon went to the sales center food but still not home until now. 
"What! Grandma had not come home from this afternoon ?! "his father said with a worried and surprised faces. 
Children have not had time to say anything, both husband and wife go straight again. Intends to seek a grandmother! His son was surprised to see both parents suddenly became panicked and immediately go again. After a while he realized, if not forgetful grandmother, but was senile, and grandmother must have been lost now. Soon, he started to follow his parents went looking for grandma. All three are around in the middle of the city, trying to find a grandmother. And then, both husband and wife heard the sound of a car horn bersahut-replication. Both immediately ran toward the sound of the horn. When we got there they saw a grandmother standing dazed in the middle of the road blocking rate cars. Then pull both my grandmother's hand and led him to the curb.

"What are you doing in the middle of the street like this. Mother made ​​us a spectacle of everyone ... "snapped his son. 
"Sir, sir, please take me home, my granddaughter now must have been very hungry. Sorry for my granddaughter, she has not eaten on the day. Please sir ... "Because in snapped, the absent-minded grandmother and does not remember his own son and daughter in law. 
"Mom! I was your own daughter! "Cried his son lagi.Kemudian grandmother turned to law, 
  "Ma'am, please take me home, I'm waiting for my grandson to take food home." Grandma crying plaintively. Grandmother heard pleading as it coupled with the condition of the body that are so very tired grandmother. Hearts both feel very melancholy one. Could not hold her tears, becomes law was crying. Crying with extremely sad. Realizing how much love and affection grandmother to her grandson, who is none other than their own daughter. 
Suddenly ... from a distance, the faint voice calling his grandson,

"Grandma, Grandma ..." Grandma turn round, look for the origin of the sound of his grandson. Sure enough, her grandson was not far from there. Behind the dim streetlight, his grandson ran to the grandmother. Glad to see grandchildren were there, grandma was walking toward his grandson with a limp. Although it looks grandmother smiling very happy, but it still looks very clearly tired smile behind itu.Cucunya grandmother hugged. 
"I'm sorry Grandma, Grandma is okay?" Said his grandson with tears. 
"Yes, Grandma is okay. It has traded grandmother's favorite chicken rice you, let's eat. You must be hungry once. Poor grandma grandson have to starve till night. "The grandmother said, unwrapping the rice in suapkan mouth to his grandson. Granddaughter kept crying. 
"Grandma forgive me, forgive me, Grandma." Grandson continues repeatedly apologized tearfully ... 
"Please forgive grandmother well, so you have to starve grandma wait too long." 
Hearing grandmother said so, and the condition is so painful grandmother also fatigue. The grandson tears flowing. Son and daughter grandmother who saw this incident, also shed tears. Then the two walked up to the grandmother and grandmother hugging from behind.

"Mom, we all love you very much. 
"Dear Friends, This story was presented to me and you to open your heart and eyes to how great our love and care of parents in raising their children. When our parents were elderly and no longer able to take care of himself,

as a child, it is fitting for us to love, care and attention to them exactly as they have done to us. With all humility and respect, would you be kind enough to participate with me in forwarding this message of love story with the "Tag / Share & Broadcast" to all my friends and family members? Because we are doing so and encourage others also to do a masterpiece virtue to better care for the elderly and will bring grace biggest blessing in our lives in the world love this hotel.Thank for taking the time to read this story and thank you for sharing your precious heart for all the parents in this world


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