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Jumat, 25 Juli 2014

True Story

lately I'm upset, unrelenting when it's time to think about it arrives. when I'm 27 years old and as a man who began adult I am quite concerned with this situation. for example .... when meeting with an alumni reunion high school in the cilegon city, I really envy my friends who are married and bring children the her wife / husband . how happy they are with a sweet smile playing on their lips.

so many have said, "when you get married ?? may hasten yes ...." or "not too long doing long, straight married only"

Oh well, maybe not the time I get married, get acquainted with a woman just yet. how if he should continue dating agency or directly followup request introduced by the mother ????

So remember the story in a book entitled averse dating "straight marriage alone"
story like this, call his name already  Rica 27 years old. Rika Humble person, sociable and outgoing. but because of its failure is associated with a man but failed to marry. Her boyfriend was already betrothed to her parents and her boyfriend agreed and decided Rica via SMS, was surprised to hear it as if not believing rika men who had dating for 2 years to leave her and marry someone else. to rise from the ground, the harder and Rika work more diligently go to the office. This was done to get over his ex-girlfriend who had gone.

At the office, Rica promoted to chief of staff of the Division of Finance because of the high dedication to the Company. With the chief of staff, Rika getting busy in the office and can finally forget about Doni Beloved. however the day, second by second, day bergantu months and months turned into years after Rika can forget Doni, his heart turns to feel dryness and feel lonely. Rica are in dire need of true love that can lead him to goodness and can have a rest if at the time he fell and collapsed. Rica need a man who can love all my soul.

Rica with good intentions to get her soul mate, she went to the orphanage subscriptions provide social donations. Donors Rica is still in the orphanage but often, through the secretary Julia entrust Rica. now after all this time he gave a donation, Rika intend to make donations directly. On a beautiful afternoon it was accompanied by Mr Blake soprnya Rica went to the Foundation orphanage. When Rika down from the car in front of existing homes parked car and came down figure of the young man who also intends to make a donation anyway.

Rica and the young man ran and met the eyes of the two there is a drop in heart desaran Rica Rica but in his heart trying to ignore it and just wanted to say with the intention of donating because God wanted to get a mate. When a nursing mother board welcomed them home mom named Suparti it accepts with pleasure. The young man said

"Mom I want to donate in this orphanage"
"Oh ... please Mr. and Mrs. Rudi , we accept any donation, regardless of the father and mother gave us would willingly accept"

Rudi Rica cash just feel bad because they are husband wife diakatakan
Rika also said:

"Sorry ma'am .... I Rica, my regular supporters here but I have not been to this place, and I was not married bu. Secretary I always send my donation"

"Oh is Mrs. Rica, excuse me, I think this pack is Rudi's married his wife, excuse me ma'am rica. Thank you for donating your treasures for orphans here, mom donations really help the children"

"yes it was fine bu"

"Rudi and bu pack Rica'll want to drink what we have prepared"

"Orange Ice!" responsible compact Rica and Rudi

"compact wah ya, hopefully paired well,,,, hehehe :)"

It is said that the more they are not good.

On the way home even Rica and Rudi had surreptitiously view, but they still do not open your heart, Rudi finally said:

"Sorry we have not acquaintances, i'm Rudi"

"donate remain so long?"
"Yes, less than 3 years"

"old is also yes, then why want to contribute?"
"yes intention sincere for Allah alone"

"oh so yes, once noble. intend if I want to get married, my tutor said, the charity that facilitates jodh"
"hmm ....."

"Hmmm,,, only loh o?"
"yes it was fine"

"BB pin may ask?"

"yes just let me make communication smooth, if there are charities we can share"
"oh be ..."

finally they were exchanging BB pin and began their intense communication begins

Since the return from the orphanage, and Doni Rica constantly communicate endlessly, until he was already two months they relate and do not need a long time to apply Rica right Rudi birthday, Rudi married him. Rudi turns 4 years old younger than Rika who now has reached the age of 32 years, but it did not stop Rudi langkas to propose to her, the age difference will not be a hindrance to a man who had fallen in love. party wedding ceremony and reception took place at the residence of the parents terlihatlah Rica in solo and happy faces of the two. When Miss Suparti comes to their wedding reception, he said

"tuh the affinity,,,, prayers had been answered finally hehehe ... :)"
"Thank God, bu thanks to the prayer of children"

"yes thank God, maybe this is hikamah of charity, alms I can mate with a beautiful and sholehah. Aamiin"
"Aamiin yaa rabb, may be married lasting, sakinah mawadah and warahmah"


That's the story of Rika and Rudi, with a sincere intention and hope in God's premises charity endeavor eventually they both get what they are looking for, when this story was written Rica has now contains 3 months, the results of the fruit of holy love with Rudi. Rudi is a male figure, a good and pious, currently working as an auditor national bank, at the request of Rudi, his wife Rica has now resigned from work and will be the focus for the care of children and her family.

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